[] Stokke® Scoot In My Boot!

Stokke® Scoot In My Boot!

Stokke® Scoot in my Boot! 

Is a collaborative gallery page for the use of the community. Your photographs together in one easy to navigate page. Ready to help others make informed choices when it comes down to deciding which car best fits their stroller needs.

If you've an image you'd like to submit, you can email it to us, using this link

Remember to include the make and model of the car and the production year if you know it. That's it..... simple.

Stokke® Scoot in my Boot! is a work in progress that will be continually updated as Xplory® in my Boot gallery.

Stokke Scoot in Chevrolet Malibu Boot (2012 Model)

Stokke Scoot in Ford Focus Boot

Stokke Scoot in Hyundai SantaFe Sport boot

Stokke Scoot in VW Polo Boot