Friday, 11 April 2014

Black and Deep Blue Stokke Favourites Collection

We gave you an exclusive sneak peek of the new Deep Blue Stokke Xplory earlier this week and following the announcement on the official Stokke Facebook Page today of the new 'Favourites Collection', we've been scouring the internet for photos of the new colours... 

Look what we found...

Black and Deep Blue New Stokke Colours

Black Stokke Xplory Deep Blue Stokke Xplory
New Stokke Favourites Collection

The colour difference between Dark Navy (which is being discontinued along with Beige) and the new Black seems to be very subtle. It may just be the screen colours but Dark Navy looks more black than new black to us!
As always, we will reserve judgement until we've had the opportunity to photograph the new colours ourselves.

What do you think? Which colours would you like to see in the range?

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