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New Deep Blue and Black Xplory Colours

You know that we pride ourselves on being the first to bring you Stokke news and once again we have the scoop. This time we are talking about new 2014 stroller colours and rumour has it that next month there will be two new colours available across the stroller range, new deep blue and black.

Retailers have been dropping hints for week but in all honesty we weren't biting. Their suggestions were a little bit too close to the colours already out there to float our boats, but then today we found this on a Russian Instagram page.

New Stokke Deep Blue

Stokke deep blue

The image isn't great due to an Instagram filter but I can feel it in my bones that this new deep blue will be luscious and beautiful. The same goes for black. I know that they have been striving for the perfect tone, so fingers crossed that this is it.

We all think we could come up with the perfect Xplory colour, I know I have five years worth of colours in my head and Emma, well she would settle for a subtle, beautiful grey. But what about you? What colour would your dream Stokke Xplory be?