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Get Aboard the Stokke Xplory Rider

As true #StokkeLovers - we know that you already love Stokke products as much as we do but we are the first ones to admit when we could make something even better. And we know that we have with the latest addition to the Stokke Xplory. After all..... who would want to give it up just because there was a new addition to the family?

It’s a well-known fact in Stokke circles that toddlers don’t like to give up their Xplory view of life. Seated high above the other strollers they love to experience life on the move whilst casually chatting away to Mum or Dad.
But, sometimes a new brother or sister comes along and toddler has to give up the prized position atop their beloved Xplory.

Tears – yes. Tantrums – probably.
But now we have the answer…….. The Stokke Xplory Rider.
Funky, cool and simply the latest way to impress fellow Xplory babes. The Rider board simply attaches to the Xplory chassis to allow both children to ride in style. When not in use, it’s quickly and easily folded away to await its next adventure.

Stokke Stokke give me a Rider do,

I’m half crazy – all for the love of you,

It will be a stylish marriage,

With two children aboard the carriage,

And they’ll look sweet - out on the street,

On an Xplory that's made for two…..

Xplory Rider is intended for use with only one child at a time and is suitable from approx two years of age. Maximum weight limit is 20kg. The good news is - that it's available now!


  1. Hi, was wondering where it is available?? I have searched everywhere and have not been able to find it.


  2. Hi Kelly,
    Which country are you in?
    Rider should be available in stores now - but if you let me know where you are I can get more specific info for you.

  3. Hi

    I`m living in Germany and no store has it till now here! :-(


  4. I have been told that Rider stock should be appearing in stores in the next couple of weeks.

  5. im in southern california.....any idea where i can get this??? i was so waiting for something like this!!!

  6. I am in USA, and cannot find it in store nor online.
    Any help?

  7. Hi,

    Do you when I will be able to buy the Rider in Houston, Texas?


  8. hi when will it be available on ausralia?

  9. I'm in Canada and also would like to know how I can get a Rider...


  10. Lots of questions about the availability of Rider..... The stock is now starting to come through and it should start to be available in the next couple of weeks. Why not speak to your local stockist?

  11. Hi,

    Anyone here has used the board already? Need feedback/review on it. Does it obstruct the pusher's walking stride?

  12. HI we are stokke lovers from malta, however we are very disappointed tio hear that unfortunately the rider is only compatible with the new models produced from 2009 onwards. Which would mean that you would have to buy a new stroller to fix the rider on to it. I hope that stokke solve this ASAP as my child is 4 years old and my second child is 1 month away, and have no intention of buying a new chassis.

  13. Anonymous,
    Thanks for stopping by. As you know the original Stokke® Xplory® was not designed to be used with a sibling board. In response to customer feedback the product development team tried long and hard to come up with an add on solution that did not compromise on safety or stability of the stroller.
    Of course we understand your frustration but without the modification to the chassis we wouldn't have been able to add Rider to our range of Stokke® Xplory® accessories.

  14. Hi. I live in Stamford CT zip 06902. Please tell me where I can buy the stokke rider- I must get it!

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  16. Hi Anon from Spain.
    It isn't possible to change the arch but please do contact Stokke Spain who will be delighted to answer your questions. Please contact info.es@stokke.com

  17. Hi,

    I am unable to find stockits for the rider board in London, United Kingdom. Can you please help!

  18. Sian - StokkeLovers5 November 2010 at 23:51

    Hi anon last commenter!
    Have you tried.....
    Back in Action

    All Xplory Stockists should have Rider too.

  19. Hi there - I believe the Stokke Rider is not officially available for purchase in Australia however I have looking into purchasing it on-line.
    Just wanted to check the compatibility - on the website it says 'compatible with all new stokke explory chassis from serial number 113464'

    My Stokke Xplory was purchased in 2006 and has a serial number of 20305 which would appear to qualify however I note on the website
    it refers to 'new Xplory chassis'

    Can you please confirm if my chassis would or would not be compatible as it's a little confusing....

  20. Hi Anonymous, Sorry I can't reply directly as you didn't leave a name or contact. Please email me sian.to@stokke.com and I'll reply to let you know what else I need to help you.