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At Stokke, we love to innovate......

To get you thinking..... talking..... but more than anything else we love to create products that enhance your experiences as a family.

First came tripp Trapp® followed by all our other lovely products - and whilst we create what we believe to be the best products available in each of our key sectors, we had this niggly feeling that we were missing a little something....

Well now that little something is here... in the form of Tripp Trapp® Newborn.

Tripp Trapp® Newborn is our cosy new ergonomically designed, pod chair that fits simply onto the top of a Tripp Trapp® chair to create the perfect environment for your baby - from birth to six months (approx).

Children learn and grow through contact and communication with those close to them and tripp Trapp® newborn allows your new addition to observe their surroundings whilst interacting with the whole family.

For you.... having your baby at your level means that family mealtimes really are that - the whole family around the table.

For baby.... well that means family mealtimes too. No longer low down in a regular chair unable to see anyone or anything, but with mum and day. just where they want to be!

Tripp Trapp® Newborn fits securely on to any Tripp Trapp®* chair without the need for fiddly fixings. It can also be used on the floor as a stand-alone baby seat.

Tripp Trapp® truly is a chair for life.

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  1. Hi, I am already a subscriber, will I be entered? The new baby would love one of these (as would I!)

  2. yes Kelly, Any current subscribers who leave a comment will go intio the draw too.

  3. This look great, it would make life alot easier!

  4. I'm expecting my second and this would be great to help keep the little one involved at all times!

  5. I´m a susbscriber from spain, If i win, will you send it To Madrid? I image yes, but i´m not sure.

    I love Stokke!! :D


  6. Hi Marta,
    Yes of course.

  7. I would love to win a stokke with a newborn set

  8. hmm.. don't know if my comment went through. I'm already a subscriber and would love to be entered to win a tripp trapp with newborn set

  9. fingers crossed!

  10. Fingers crossed, this would be ideal for me and my first baby!!

  11. i am six months pregnant with my fifth baby and this would make a lovely addition to our house as most of the stuff we have at moment are hand-me-downs,would be nice to have something new.x

  12. This is great idea so I would love to win...like everyone else ;)

  13. I think this idea from stokke, is fantastic!
    I am having my first baby and think it would be a lovely and idea to still be able to enjoy family meal times as a family with out having to put the baby in a rocker or crib.

  14. I love Stokke because...their products are fun and innovative. They make being a mommy, just a little bit cooler! ;]

  15. As with many other Stokke products, this one looks very practical and stylish.

  16. I love Stokke® because they are innovative and refreshing designs! i love seeing different things - i love being different to those around me and stokke designs allow me to be! X holly blunderfield

  17. I love Stokke because it's beautiful, innovative and functional.

    Hope I win something ;)