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Cute Tripp Trapp® Baby Alert!

This week we hit 2000 friends over on the Stokke Lovers Facebook page and we had a little moment of happiness as we revelled in the amazing community that we have created over there. It's such a wonderful friendly place where people chat about their Xplory's and Tripp Trapp's morning noon and night, without the fear of going over the top!
Then I posted this picture of my youngest daughter, fast asleep in her Tripp Trapp®. I have many such photographs taken over the years but it seems that I'm not alone as we had a sudden deluge of similarly tired children!

Below are some of our personal favourites. Yes it is the same baby in every shot!

See... totally cute! Do you have some cute Tripp Trapp® pictures that you would like to share with the rest of the Stokke® Lovers community? If you do please email them to (sian.to@stokke.com) and we will feature them on our Facebook page.