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Introducing the New Pink Stokke® Xplory®

Here it is, part one of our new product news. We have more to come over the next few days - so stay tuned.

The Honeysuckle Pink Stokke® Xplory® will come as a Basic Package (Xplory®, parasol and blanket)  with carrycot, footmuff and changing bag as additional accessories. It's Limited Edition - so when it's gone, it's gone! 
You'll be able to place your order with one of our retail partners from early March but we will of course keep you updated here.
A Limited Edition Pink Style Kit containing pink fabrics, blanket and parasol will be available. Prices will be in line with current RRP's. 

Do you like? What other colours would you like to see gracing the Stokke® Xplory®?


  1. a price would help ????

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  3. OMG! i need this pink Xplory before Sophie gets TOO big to fit in it! we where desperate for the purple, but NOW... we NEED pink!!!

  4. I would really like Orange and yellow for the summer!

  5. Oh no, limited edition? That's not fair....I can't buy now since I'm not even pregnant yet. Waaaaa

  6. would love to see a deep aqua/ocean turquoise color :)
    sorry if that sounded weird or like 3 colors in one.

  7. Would love to see more bright cheery colours like the new green and pink as I deliberately bought the 2010 pre-Evo Xplory as the colours were so dull. I currently have 8 textile sets, and all matching accessories for my X as i felt they were more cheery vibrant colours. A nice orange or indigo would be good.

  8. Oh My Goodness Me are my eyes deceiving me? x

  9. Bubblegum pink! This'll be a hit with the girly girls :D x

  10. Would like to see a pearly white version.
    As for now my pink edition will be delivered on monday :D
    I just adore limited editions
    I still have the textile set for the pre evo in limited yellow, will buy again if they come out with citrus yellow. mmmhh my favorite colour.
    Oh yeah, the colour is different in real.
    Its very vibrant pink.
    on screen it looks more soft then in reality.
    The light green version is very similar to the olive, so again, first take a look at the xplory colours in a shop