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The news that you've all been waiting for...

The Limited Edition Pink Stokke® Xplory® Style Kits are now available to pre-order from Back in Action.....

Numbers are limited, so if you can't live without one you'd better head over to reserve one before they are all snapped up.
The pink style kits are an INTERNET EXCLUSIVE and they are ONLY available through the Back in Action website.
Pre-order now for late April delivery.
The style kit contains; seat fabrics, shopping bag, cotton blanket and parasol and is £282.

Don't forget to leave us a comment to brag about securing yours! Good luck!


  1. i'm pleased you have introduced a hot pink textile kit and would really love to buy one but i do think it's rather expensive so therefore cannot afford to :-(

  2. I want it! It can still get somewhere?