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Stokke® News Time Again

I think everyone has just about over our recent Pink and Green Xplory® news and it's great to see the beautiful new spring colours starting to appear out on the streets and on our Stokke® Lovers Facebook page.

We know how you love a good teaser, so to keep you guessing over the weekend here are a few images to get you in the mood for our amazing new product launch.....

But what do you think it's going to be?

Think closeness, contact, portability, family, togetherness....
images: Google images.


  1. Stokke branded sling

  2. Yes I think a sling or a baby carrier x

  3. I have a maddisoN and a BrendaN so really wanted an N so looked through the book that way. so i now have Maddison, Brendan and Tegan xx

  4. patrycja pajak9 April 2011 at 09:06

    oskar ,patrick and kasper-that's my boys-we always waited for them to be born.they went out from hospital as baby boys and we needed few days to see what name is best for our little devils.we wanted to make sure names are compatible with their characters.in addition we wanted their names to sound good in english as well as in polish.must say third time was the hardest but we did good job