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Xplory in the boot - Update

We are doing a spot of housekeeping in our car boot picture gallery. If you've emailed a pic and it isn't showing there, can you email it again along with the make and model of your car?

Those of you car owners who have posted pics directly onto our Facebook Wall (but not emailed them), can you pop us a copy by email so that we can add them to the correct gallery folder?

And those of you people who haven't snapped a pic of their Xplory in your boot.... We would love to see your photos too.

As a thank you on 01/09/11, we'll choose 20 photographs (at random) from the complete Car Boot Gallery and send each of you one of our super cool 'I love Stokke' baby t-shirts.

Please email your pics to : sian.to at stokke dot com and we will respond to say that it has been received.