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Blog Loving Monday : Edspire

Monday is our official Stokke Lovers Blog Loving Day and today we bring to you Edspire.

Edspire Parenting blog
Image courtesy of www.edspire.co.uk

Name: Jennie Henley

How long have you been blogging? I started in August 2010 so a little over two years ago now.

Describe your blog to us... Edspire started as a diary of our journey through NICU with premature twins, now I write about all things parenting as a busy mummy of three children under three. I also try to support Bliss and other premature baby related charities through my blog.

How many hours a week do you spend blogging? About 14? I try to write at least one post a day. I mostly write between 8pm and 10pm each night but I am online most of the time, snatching a tweet here and replying to an email there!

What's the best thing about being a parent? The best thing about being a parent is learning that I have a greater capacity for love than I ever imagined possible and that I get to spend my days creating imaginary worlds for my children to explore.

What's the worst thing about being a parent? The worst part is the constant nagging guilt that I am not getting things quite right. Oh and having three children in nappies is not that much fun!

One thing we should know about you... I have only been driving for less than a year! Already I cannot imagine my life without a car but until earlier this year I went everywhere by train with the twins in their double buggy. Seems crazy now. We used to travel 90 minutes each way for a 45 minute music class!! I am loving being able to drive but quite sad that I have to drive a VW Touran rather than the lovely little cars I always dreamed about. They would have been much easier to park!!

Jennie wrote a great post on parent facing pushchairs this week. You can find it here on Edspire.

You can follow Jennie via her blog at www.edspire.co.ukPinterest and Twitter.

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