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How Much Is Stokke Steps?

It's a question that has been pondered since news of Stokke's new highchair landed. Your wait is now over as we have the pricing information that you have all been asking for.

How Much Is Stokke Steps In The UK?

How much is Stokke Steps

Stokke Steps Chair - £159
Stokke Steps Bouncer - £149
Stokke Steps Baby Set - £39
Stokke Steps Cushion - £79
Stokke Steps Tray - £39

That is a grand total of £465 eek!

It only seems right to pitch that against Tripp Trapp from the same UK store.

Tripp Trapp Chair - £135
Tripp Trapp Newborn Set - £124
Tripp Trapp Baby Set - £40
Tripp Trapp Cushion - £33

That's a total of £332

Ummmmm. We would love to hear your thoughts...

Prices quoted are from UK retailer Peppermint. They are correct at the time of posting but will be subject to change. If you see better prices with other retailers, please do let us know.