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Tripp Trapp Addict

My name is Siân and I'm a Tripp Trapp addict. 

I love Tripp Trapp, I love everything about it. The strong side profile when I look into the kitchen from the sitting room, the simplicity of its form, its functionality, its usability, its beauty... everything.

Tripp Trapp was my introduction to Stokke and when I first saw it, I fell in love with it, hook, line and sinker. This was to be a lasting love built on awe and respect. To me, Tripp Trapp is way more than just a chair, it's an icon that fuses together the childhood of my children. It holds so many stories. So much artwork, so many family meals and discussions and so, so, many stubbed 'Tripp Trapp toes'.

My kitchen table is the heart of my family home and our Tripp Trapps are the essential organs that keep life flowing through it. They are simply part of my family - loved by kids and cats alike.

We did away with adult dining chairs many years ago in favour of Tripp Trapps and I buy every bargain, sad looking, chair that crosses my path. I have quite a collection and I'm currently giving custom painted makeovers to quite a few of them - as are lots of other lovers over on our Facebook group. 
Have you given a Tripp Trapp a custom paint job? If you have we'd love to hear what paint you used and any tips or tricks you picked up along the way. We are planning a step by step guide to help you create the ultimate refurb and your help is appreciated.

I'll leave you with this snap of my original thirteen year old chair. it started life as an untreated beech Tripp Trapp (no longer available). I painted it with pink emulsion (then sealed with varnish) to match a feature wall in my office. My cats love it!

StokkeLovers how to paint a Tripp Trapp

Custom painted Tripp Trapp