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Tripp Trapp® Ash Limited Edition

It's no secret that I love everything about Tripp Trapp and Stokke have quite simply surpassed every chair that has gone before with their new limited edition Tripp Trapp Ash.

Tripp Trapp Ash Limited Edition

Chosen for its high quality and luxurious feel, the densely veined wood of the Ash tree reveals beautiful, multi-dimensional, swirled, marble effect rings in a palette of tones that make each chair genuinely unique.

To further enhance the intricate pattern of the grain, each limited edition Tripp Trapp Ash is hand-finished with a sophisticated taupe matte lacquer. A rich, premium combination of Scandinavian design and beauty at its very best.

Tripp Trapp Ash

The Limited Edition Tripp Trapp Ash is available from stokke.com and also from the #StokkeLondon brand store in Westfield London. I wouldn't hang around though, this work of art won't hang around for long.


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