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Blog Loving : Me The Man & The Baby

Back with some more Blog Loving and this week we would like to introduce you to Emma from Me The Man And The Baby.

Source: stokke.com via Emma on Pinterest

How long have you been blogging? Since 2009.

What's the best thing about being a parent? The best thing has to be those smiles, every time my son's flash me one of their gorgeous smiles I melt. My children's smiles can make any gloomy day much brighter.

Source: stokke.com via Emma on Pinterest

What's the worst thing about being a parent? The worst thing has to be nappies, urgh. Only this morning I changed a nappy to be weed on 3 times, just after I had got both of us dressed for the day. I got soaked!

One thing we should know about you...
I'm a hoarder, not quite as bad where it sees every room of my house full of my hoardings but my garages, cupboards, attic and any other space I can occupy is full of items I just cant bare to part with. I'm especially terrible when it comes to the childrens stuff, clothes are kept and toys they grow out of are just boxed away. I guess though it will come handy if I pop out anymore in the future.

Me The Man and The Baby charts Emma's family life with her husband, toddler and new baby. If juggling the nappy showers wasn't bad enough she has a fresh case of the terrible two's to deal with too!
You can find her blog at www.methemanandthebaby.com and her beautiful We Love Stokke Pinterest board here.

Do you have a favourite parent blog that you would like to see featured on Blog Loving? Leave a comment if you do.