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Playmobil Xplory Stroller

They say that it's the little things in life that make us happy and I can hand on heart say, that my happiness this weekend came in the form of a small box of Playmobil.

So iconic has Stokke Xplory become that world renowned toy company Playmobil has created their very own ode to Xplory with their new City Life stroller set!

It's quite simply epic in every way!

Playmobile Xplory Stroller

Out of the box set up takes only a couple of minutes, much like the real Stokke Xplory. Though I have to say in all my years of setting up pushchairs, I've never had to dress the mum too!

Playmobil Stokke Xplory

Comes complete with mum figure (who needs a hot stylist on the case if you ask me), and a car seat with Xplory style chassis. 

Playmobil Xplory at St Pancras Station

What do you think?

Playmobil 5491 is available now from Amazon


  1. I wish I could get this in the US. My son would love to add this too his collection. He loves his sisters stroller.

    1. It may be available Leslie. Do a search on Google.