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Stokke Scoot Versus Stokke Xplory

Stokke Scoot versus Stokke Xplory a test

Cheating on my Stokke Xplory

Up until today, I hadn't so much as looked at another pram, let alone pushed one, such was my devotion and commitment to my Stokke Xplory. So with a heady mix of anticipation and trepidation, I set out with Ellis (aged 28 months) on our maiden voyage in the latest addition to our household, the Stokke Scoot.

Stokke Scoot Review

Perhaps my expectations had been pitched at a low level given the mixed reviews since the release of the Scoot but I can't deny that I enjoyed the experience very much. The push was easy and I had no problem getting up kerbs, aside from my shopping falling out and spilling all over the road, but that was down to my inexperience with a pushchair with a basket rather than any failing in the Scoot itself... (I told you, until today I'd only ever pushed a basket-less Xplory). Ellis fell asleep after about 20 minutes into our journey so I reclined the seat and he slept peacefully in that mode for well over an hour. I've heard many describe the seat recline as ugly: I can't say I agree with this. It's slightly unusual but it's highly functional and allowed my toddler to lie flat in world-facing mode, a feature which my beloved Xplory cannot boast. I also found it really easy to fold the Scoot.

Stokke Scoot Road test

The downsides - the major downside (and I have yet to determine whether this is a common fault) is the footrest. It was not secure, so much that it came away from the chassis when Ellis tried to climb into the seat. Not good...and not an experience I would recommend.  
The weight of the Scoot... it is far from a lightweight alternative to the Xplory... but I don't have weight restrictions in everyday life so this is less of a concern for me. Finally, and perhaps flippantly, the Scoot is no head turner. As I said at the start, this was the first time I had ever been out with anything other than the Xplory. I therefore didn't know what it was like to push a pushchair that didn't turn heads and cause a visible reaction. 
I had not realised until today just how special the Xplory is in terms of its visual impact. I felt invisible... no one gave the Scoot a second look. The rubberneckers who haunt my daily life had all but vanished. The Scoot simply faded into anonymity amongst a sea of similar looking drab.

Stokke Scoot Problems

So why, you may be wondering, did i buy a Scoot? I'd been toying with the idea for some time, largely to fit into the boot of a small car, for nursery runs and for short flights when travelling alone with Ellis and, based on my experience today, I'm very pleased that I did. It will never take the place of my Xplory - hell, nothing could even come close - but for short trips where space is a consideration so as to require a one piece fold, you could do a lot worse.
I'm still an Xplory aficionado but I'm no longer monogamous...