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Introducing the new Stokke Steps Chair

Introducing Stokke Steps Chair

Earlier this evening, we were left hanging with a cryptic news post on the official Stokke Facebook Page. It spurred a huge guessing game on our Facebook Group as to what it could possibly be and, with the aid of our friend Google, look what we found...

Stokke Steps News

a debrief of a launch event a couple of weeks ago on a French blog. Pics and all…

Stokke Steps
Image Credit : Google Images

Stokke Steps is clearly born from the brand's 'Grow with the child' philosophy. Starting out as an adjustable bouncer that converts into a highchair (with a tray??!!!!) and then on to a third stage chair.

Euro prices are: 
Stokke Steps Recliner 169 Euro
Stokke Steps Chair 179 Euro
Stokke Steps Baby Set 89 Euro

It's no Tripp Trapp for sure. What do you think?

UPDATE : Please see this Danish blog for more images!

Stokke Steps Images


  1. I honestly prefer it over the tripp trapp. Certainly looks more conventional and aesthetically pleasing. The tripp trapp always looked....strange to me.

  2. I agree with Emma its very unsightly and looks very low budget to me

  3. Looks like a set back for Stokke. Clumsy - don't like at all.

  4. Clearly a ripp off - watch http://www.babydan.com/page1041.aspx?recordid1041=133 from BabyDan

  5. Great article, I want to buy recliner. Can you suggest me best recliner? Also where can I buy it at reasonable prices?