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New Storm Grey Tripp Trapp Coming Soon

So, it looks like my Stormy Grey Tripp Trapp makeover might actually have been a premonition, because a little birdie just told us that there's a new 'Storm Grey' Tripp Trapp launching in October!

New Storm Grey Tripp Trapp

We know this will be music to your ears as we had so much positive feedback after posting the makeover. It's difficult to tell the exact shade of the new Storm Grey, but it looks pretty close to mine!

With the re-introduction of grey to the range comes the new 'Soft Stripe' cushion set. We don't know about you, but we'd LOVE to see the addition of a second sized cushion to the range so that us big girls can sit as comfortably on our beloved Tripp Trapp's as our children!

Table Top

Also hitting the stores in October are two brand new graphic inserts for Stokke Table Top. They'll be replacing the original Letters and Animals inserts as a rolling change, so if you have preference as to which design you want, make sure you clarify with the retailer prior to purchase.

New Stokke Table Top Inserts

What do you think? You like??